Friday, January 7, 2011

LindseyAnne Is My Home

Lindsey has started her blog back up and I want to support that in every way possible. We are going to collaborate on a banner for her site and My portion of it is complete. She is going to color it as soon as she feels up to it (she's a bit under the weather.)

If you are familiar with the movie "Away We Go" you might recognize the aesthetic that we're borrowing from. Lindsey sees us as being very close to the couple depicted in the movie accept that she is way sweeter than Maya Rudolph. I had fun drawing the wonky line art of things that Lindsey likes. I combined these three elements as a test but I think she is going to do her own crop and arrangements too.


  1. i love it! you guys are the coolest.

  2. We love you back! I was just thinking of you earlier today and I can't remember when we last hung out...can we hang out next week??

  3. Love the line work! You two are such a great couple together. Keep up the good work, both of you:)

    Anita Brosius

  4. YES! its technically next week! come over right now! No one is home and we can watch the west wing!