Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabulous Secret Powers Were Revealed To Me...

I have had cause to draw He-Man as of late and it is really a fun project to undertake. I get to remember all the fun I had as a kid both with my older brother Aaron and my dear friend Ben Brosius. We made extensive use of our He-Man figures both in the world that was portrayed in the cartoon show and as a wrestling federation, that Aaron devised a whole system of statistics and charts for, to track the outcome.
I am working on a larger piece right now (see rough above) but I thought I might share the preliminary sketches that I did.

Dustin Weaver suggested that I just sketch the character without an specific composition in mind; to play around with poses and proportions. I did just that and it ended up making the image I'm working on right now much stronger. See you Saturday my fine friends.

I have... The Power

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