Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ihumans Rule The School.

I started doing this blog with the intention of explaining process and what avenues have been successful in advancing my 'career' as a comics professional to any interested parties that might come across it but, in practical terms, I find it has become a place where I get to vent, explore and explain things to myself.

I tried to draw this in 90 minutes like Eric Canete but I couldn't pull it off. Part of that is that I was trying to fit in 7 characters but the other part is that Canete is a badass. I want to cultivate some of the same energy and flowing quality that are so present in his work. I feel like my stuff ends up being kind of stiff but it has it's charm too. My problem is that I care so much about structure and specific lines that the heart of almost every drawing I do becomes about that instead of projecting excitement.

I love the Inhumans and I wanted to draw them so I made this image. I hope you all enjoy it too.The things I was thinking about while drawing it extend to such topics as: drawing proper hips on ladies, how do you compose for an ensemble composition and why don't they have their own ongoing series that totally kicks ass?

I leave you to ponder these questions.

I have to go practice drawing ladies till I get it right.

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