Monday, July 18, 2011

Preview Of 'Another Life'

Back in February I finished the pencils and inks for my portion in an anthology of stories by writer Paul Allor. I went back last week and added a single gray tone to help add some depth and focus for the eye. Here are a few of my favorite panels from the 5 page story I did:

Every space-pirate needs a simian friend to lend a helping hand

Always heed the 'Invasion Warning Siren' when it goes off

Try to use your words before things get out of hand; especially when you're on a spaceship.

The cat-man is my favorite of the pirate warriors. There is a ton of stuff packed into the short format of the story. I got to draw a lot of aliens, spaceships and a talking gorilla. I'll be sure to announce when it comes out; I want to see the rest of the stories!

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