Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mutants Mutants Everywhere.

I love mutants when they are benign and contained to the pages or flickering screens of pop culture. In nature they can be (and almost always are) detrimental. In this happier case we can see an example from my childhood that sparked many drawings and flights of imagination; The TMNT. I loved these characters in all their incarnations:

I made this on a whim for my pal Ben Bates after a conversation we had about the differences and virtues of the gritty original comics variety and the more playful cartoon series of the 80's.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly may remember that I did a banner a few weeks back. It was based on a vague idea that I (and surely many others) have had of a Gorilla Fantasy Warrior. My previous post features one and many other examples could be found easily. this weekend though, I found an example that blew my mind with specific overlaps; Behold the might and glory of Gorill-zar...

His cybernetic arm doesn't match up but you can see how his shoulder piece, sword and neck tendons are all pretty close. Crazy stuff!

I don't often buy 'toys' but I couldn't help it. He is just too bad-ass

I am happier than I look that 'Gorill-zar' has joined my forces. His mutant brethren (all from Papo Toys) will be enlisting soon!

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