Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Blue Shell Attack Means You're #1

I'm not huge into video games but when I do play I almost always enjoy a solid racing game. Mariokart was one of the first digital realms that I ever felt like I had some mastery over. I loved to play the original on Super Nintendo, then 64 and most recently Double Dash (I'm a console or two behind.)

I LOVE Mariokart. The 'Boo Pipes' are my favorite kart for heavy racers

Lindsey and I often race. I took it super seriously for a while and the first time she beat me I kind of freaked out. since then I've scaled back my enthusiasm to a reasonable point and it's just good fun; the way all games should be. I hope you find my little tribute worthy and an accurate portrayal of the fun and excitement that is MKDD.

Here are the inks just for fun. Color does a lot to make it Mario's world

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