Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"If You Wish To Make An Apple Pie From Scratch..."

"...You must first invent the universe."

It's no secret that one of my great heroes is Carl Sagan. In a minor tribute I've chosen to depict him on the side of my helmet; the thing that protects my mind each day on my way to my favorite place.

Even though he died 14 years ago he has become a mentor to me and I can think of no better sigil to accompany me each day It was he who introduced me most formally to the virtues and beauty inherent in a scientific world view. I think of him as a contributing architect in the ongoing construction of my mind. His concepts have filled my imagination with wonders and tools that inform my perspective like a polished lens.

Tune in on Thursday for more art and words- there are sure to be some of both!


  1. Though this is quite old, I must say that it is brilliant in explanation, inspiration and execution.

  2. Thanks. I love Carl Sagan and bikes. A pairing seemed inevitable in retrospect.