Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Of My Work on The Stands!

If you head out to your Local Comics Retailer in the next month or so you'll be able to pick up two recently released titles from Darkhorse comics that feature my work. I did most of the backgrounds for "Trouble Makers" volume 2. I did similar work on volume 1 of the same title. The New Savage Sword of Conan book also features an 8 page story I did the pencils and inks for (also new material from fellow Periscope member Paul Tobin.) The work had to be done in a very short period but I'm pleased with how it turned out and I think that the end result of it reflects the madness experienced by the main character.

Here are some panels from John Silent (minus the great colors by Dave Stewart) that I drew. I like the weirdo-people on the streets of Prague the best. It was written by Scott Allie and filled with rich visual material for me to explore.

There's a warlock and lots more madness to be had. Check it out and get in on the fun.

One More Thing: Come See me at Things From Another World on May 7th for a signing on Free Comic Book Day when my Star Wars Story hits the shops!

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