Monday, December 27, 2010

Juggling Priorities

So I am late on my Melee update (and this blog because I didn't have an internet connection) and that bums me out especially since the alternative I opted to spend my time engaged in was less than rewarding in retrospect. It didn't help that I was missing some supplies and any comfortable, quiet, uninterrupted workspace. The holiday season can be a mine field when dealing with friends and family or the family of friends. That being said, I'm about to get my pencil and paper out and mind fully engaged for the next several hours so that there will be an update posted tomorrow. I like to deliver on time but on occasion there are situations that prevent it.

The trick to this whole thing is juggling priorities. Every now and then even the best of us jesters might drop a ball.

Here are some storyboards I did from September. I clocked in at 1.26 hours per image (there were 19 in total that needed to be finished overnight.) I was in the flow back then!

It was for some commercial that was supposed to feature the next wave of pop idols. They are called 'The Go Squad' and as you might imagine; they go. In this sequence, that you see sampled here, these future titans are capering on mini bikes.

See you Tuesday!

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