Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deep Blue, Lightning Loop.

I do enjoy video games from time to time. There have been times where I am less than enthusiastic about the effect that video games have on our culture as a whole but that is a different post. For now I'll share what I do like:

Of the games I love F-Zero is one that holds a special place in my heart. I liked it when I played it on SNES and I like the GX game for Gamecube. I like racing games already but what resonated with me was something about the clean, circuit board-like futuristic landscapes and the idea that the culture within the game held racing in such high esteem. My favorite character is Octoman and his vehicle the 'deep claw.' I also enjoyed the classic characters so I made this bit of fan art:

I hope you find this evocative of your own video game nostalgia. I have a few more images planed but I'd also like to hear what sorts of drawings the rest of you would like to see here on the meleeblog. See you all again on Tuesday!

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