Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrap Star

I like the holidays. Even though I am a non-theist/atheist I greatly appreciate the broad sentiment of the season. I like gift giving, spending time with family amongst good cheer and I even enjoy some of the ritual associated with religious traditions (if not the doctrine.) I like wrapping presents and I enjoy doodling on the paper instead of getting a bunch of fancy paper that will look nice briefly and then be thrown out. Why not bring a bit of creative zest to it instead!?

I like that I have friends who know me well too:

Rich Ellis hid a present amongst my board game collection and the wrapping paper was perfect as was the present within: A Zombies!!! expansion pack. Good stuff.

My gift to you will be this great Carl Sagan Cartoon drawn by Greg Williams (written by his son Nick) I found online while looking up my hero and his illustrious exploits:

Happy holidays to all of you out there regardless of your spiritual philosophy. I hope every last one of you fine readers has an enjoyable day full of friends, laughter, games and good food.

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