Saturday, December 4, 2010

Orcs And Ends.

First of all, thanks to my dear friend Bobby Bracelin for keeping me honest. He's an amazing artist in his own right and he prompted me to post today! I didn't forget I swear.

I am working out a list of tribute art I want to do for this blog but for today I'll show you a sketch I did for the Grizzly Boar monster in the most recent White Pony. Nathan came up with that name and I just tried to imagine what Claire Wendling would've drawn if she had been tasked in a similar way. The Libra Golem is also on the same page:

Today Lindsey and I went out to breakfast- a rare event for us and I did a drawing of her in my other sketchbook:

I don't think it flatters her appropriately because she is a real fox but I'm going to do lots of drawings of her in that particular sketch book so there will be other chances to fix this discrepancy between her beauty and my limited skills!

One last Thing: My friend Rich Ellis and I played HERO QUEST today.

I got that game when I was 10 and I think it's been about 18 years since I played it last and it was a fun little visit to my joy of 20 years ago.

I recommend it highly. There is a lot of joy in fighting orcs, goblins and ghouls on your table top without all the books and crazy rules; just exploration and straightforward brawling! Yes I am 30 years old and I am a nerd- I imagine you are too on some level if you found this blog and are predisposed to reading this!

Join me once again on Monday for more tales of jolly-geekdom and art making.


  1. ty had this game. Ive defiantly played.

  2. Inquiring minds wanted to know what you ate that night!

  3. Ethiopian leftovers I think. It was a great weekend overall. Productive and fun!

  4. Man. I loved Hero Quest. Will have to keep an eye out for a new set =)

  5. Oh wow. I never had Hero Quest, but it reminds me of Talisman. When I was in High School I had the basic set and most of the add-ons. My "D&D" friends would come over and one came would last us 3-6 hours of bloodthirsty battle. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for the memory :)