Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinner Portraits: For Life!

I frequently ask Lindsey to do drawings for me and she won't because she's self conscious; I suppose that has something to do with my job and whatnot but I just want her make lines on paper to describe what she sees. It helps you visualize the world in a degree of detail that most people ignore.

I think drawing is a great skill for everyone because, given enough time and a little (genuine) interest, you can master it regardless of your general physical state. Most kids love to draw at least a little (in my experience) and it makes me sad that many people stop at some point (usually middle school) because they begin making comparisons between their skill level and those other kids or grown ups who seemingly have an easier time of it. It's never too late though. If you are 'old' you can still draw and have fun doing it unlike skiing or something of that sort and yet most people won't. I say they should just listen to Yoda:

You have the entirety of your time on this planet to get good. Even if you never 'get good' then you can least play around with it and have some fun; so why not give it a shot? I want Lindsey to have the option to explore her life with a creative visual outlet because I know how wonderful and instructive it can be.

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