Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tour Of My Collection.

I have started a modest collection of art by other comic book pros and I thought I'd share some of what I've been lucky enough to receive.

This is a page from Agents of Atlas Inked by Kris Justice, Penciled by Leonard Kirk and Written by/given to me by the great Jeff Parker.

This was drawn by my Friend Jonathan Case for a commercial job and I thought it was so good I asked him what he wanted for it and he is such a nice guy he gave it to me. It is a perfect example of what sort of magic he works on even material he is indifferent toward.

This is a sketch done by my pal David Hahn. I like his art style but I like his brain even more. This little sketch, that he would've likely thrown out, shows his lush imagination in full flower- twin space-apes, robots, a spitfire and dinosaurs.

Here we have my 30th birthday present from my dear friend Jeff Parker. That guy is tops in my book. He got Gabe Hardman to sign it. Jeff is one of my favorite people so this one is super special. It's from my favorite comic (agents of atlas) too!

This is a set of clue cards that my mentor/friend Colleen Coover drew. She is badass and Clue just so happens to be my favorite board game.

This is a birthday present/motivational prompt from my buddy/up and coming superstar Ben Bates. He and I started our internships at around the same time and he has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for me since I met him. He gave me this drawing of Conan because he knows how much I'd like to work on that book and he doesn't want me to forget that goal.

I'm sometimes accused of being an 'art scavenger' at the studio and here is an example of that being the exact literal truth. I found this little doodle by dear Dylan Meconis sitting either in the trash or on the lunch table and I snatched it up. I did use it as a landing strip for my brush and pro-white but I took care not to cover up Luther Levy in the bottom left!

Once Lindsey and I move into our new place I'm going to make an effort to expand the collection to include paintings, sculpture and photography. It's nice to have unique works to decorate your working/living space because it makes that space feel cared for. I have an internal sense of resonance with some imagery which gets me excited about generating work myself. All the pieces I have,currently, make me feel that way.

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