Monday, September 5, 2011

Help Fight Humanity's Greatest Foe!

Dear fellow comics fans and artists there is a fellow creator in trouble and we can help!

Dylan Williams has cancer and no insurance (my own worst case scenario) and Periscope studio has organized and ebay auction to help him pay his hospital bills. There is some really nice work available.

I did a Nightcrawler piece for the benefit but it has not received much attention. It would be great to see more bids on it. I think it is a worthwhile cause and a fun drawing. If you want to be a real hero to someone in need, and if you like any of the following: nightcrawler, me, periscope, Dylan or comics, then you won't get a better or more worthy opportunity to share the love than this!

Ebay auction link here

Please spread the word and/or bid if you feel inclined.

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