Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence."

I'm making a good effort to try and catch up to the rest of my studio-mates for the weekly sketchblog challenge. I'm behind on several of the subjects but this time I've got the jump on my colleagues. Here are the first two stages of my tribute to my hero Carl Sagan:

I did the majority of the black and white work on the train back from Emerald City Comic Con. I added Voyager 2 and the gray tones when I got back. My next move is to add some color and maybe a few photoshop effects like subtle gradients or levels of opacity. I'm also going to find a great quote to underscore the image and evoke Carl's wonderful elocution in the practice of exalting scientific thinking.


  1. Hello! Your picture looks absolutely fantastic and I was wondering if I could do a lino print based off of it? I mean I wouldn't just put your picture over the linoleum and start cutting but i would reference it heavily. Is that alright?

  2. I'm okay with that. Carl Sagan should be known by as many people as possible! Print on!