Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paul Gilbert and I made a video!

Here is a music video that I did with Paul Gilbert, my favorite electric guitar player on planet earth. He is a great communicator, has a sense of humor and is an all around cool guy. He had written the lyrics of this song with his Mom when he was four and asked me to interpret them. I just went with what I saw in my head, based on those lyrics, and this was the end result:

Keep a lookout for the godzilla poster and old ibanez 'rocket roll' flying V that I snuck in there.

It was great to work with him on the project, He and his band were really open and communicative in the process. I had never created assets for animation so it was a learning process for me too; I got a bunch of worthwhile new tools out of the project in addition to receiving amazing ibanez fireman guitar! He ended up using images from this video for the tour merchandise. I now have t-shirts, stickers and a cup with my illustrations on them in association with the work of an artist I greatly admire.It was a ton of work but it was a blast.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! (hearts all around)

    And now that I have the wisdom of Mr. Gilbert, I will never again wonder as to the secrets of true happiness.