Thursday, February 2, 2012

February-Phoenix! (with a side of nudes.)

Hello and welcome back! If you wonder where I've been then read on...

I took January off (unintentionally) because I got into a bind with a project that I'm doing for Oni Press. I am excited about the project but commercial work had intruded a bit too much into the production schedule during the last few months and I wasn't making progress. That, combined with some miscommunication between the writer and I, had me suddenly feeling like I had to play catch up in a major way.

Flash forward a few weeks; I've returned to a proper pace on my Oni book, kept Tragedy Series updated and successfully farmed out some of my commercial responsibilities to studio-mates. I'm really doing my best to catch up but I also want to make a few things just for this blog.

Today's offering consists of these figure drawings/studies I did at Periscope Studio's 'basement salon' session last night. Natatlie Nourigat let me borrow her 'portable' watercolor kit' which was comprised of a yogurt lid and a water brush. It worked surprisingly well. Thanks to the ladies of Periscope for organizing it, getting the model, setting out snacks and making it great!

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