Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Bee, Busy Me

Tragedy series and a veritable cornucopia of commercial work have kept me very busy. This is mostly great yet, also, a bit overwhelming in other ways. In the next few months I'm only focusing on a project for Oni Press written by Paul Tobin and the Tragedy Series. Everything else has to wait!

My friends at the studio, in response to the very kind reception my daily strip has received, have prompted me to start an Etsy store mostly focused on Tragedy Series and it has been doing very well; thank you to those of you who have purchased prints! Below is a host of sketch cards that I sent out with those first orders as a bonus to show my appreciation for my initial customers' patience with my inexperience in E-commerce and shipping logistics.

More work including prints of images seen on this blog and tee-shirts are coming soon to the Ety Store.

Here is an hour-long study of poor Lindsey who was feeling sick and watching movies. She was wearing a slowly fading cosmetic-cream facial mask and doing crosswords part of the time. I love her and I really enjoy having her sit because she is patient and, to my eyes, very pretty.

This was done with a limited palette and some clunky brushes but I like studies (even more sometimes) when I know they are done under less than ideal conditions. This reminded me that I miss painting and that doing it from life is where it is most exciting for me.


  1. Hi! A friend of mine sent me a link for the Tragedy series and I was instantly hooked. I'm so amazed that you can come up with and draw a new one every day. I'm glad to hear you are going to put prints up on the etsy store - though there are so many I'd love to put up on my walls. I really enjoyed the post you did on the "breakdown" of how you fine tune the idea and use reference drawings. I was wondering what tools you use for the actual drawings. I really like the combination of the wash and ink and would like to know what you actually use for the drawings.

    Thank you for such amazing, smart and hilarious art!

    Oh, I also really like the life drawing you do on this blog. I think I actually enjoy seeing sketches and more personal, sometimes "unfinished" stuff instead of final pieces. You have really inspired me to try and sketch more. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


  2. Thanks Brian!

    I love to draw even when I'm not drawing a subject I like because the act itself is so satisfying. I think of it as an important way to engage with the world; you record what you see to the best of your abilities with your particular emphasis on what is important.

    I think everyone should do it, regardless of skill level, because it gets you to slow down and value even 'mundane' things. Some of the best art I ever saw was paintings of things like pears, pavement and bottles.

    I'm always pleased to know that something I've made or said has improved someone else's day, even if only a little bit.