Friday, June 25, 2010

Love in Comics Form.

For my sweet LindseyAnne's birthday I made her a comic of our love. It chronicles the first year or so of our courtship/friendship and where we are now. I love her very much and I wanted to do something sweet for her. The style is different than my usual approach but I have been enjoying the work of my studiomates Erika Moen and Colleen Coover so I thought I might go for a look like that. It was nice to relax and make decisions more from an instinctual place than an academic one.

The characters are versions of Lindsey and I that come form inside jokes between us. All of the drawings have a little of that in them. My favorite might be of the skunk though that one is also sort of unfair to the person it represents. I am with a girl who is perfect for me and I wanted to demonstrate that to her with an artistic present.

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